WeLearn Impact

WeLearn has over 50 participants joined our very first term and Recognitions were granted by vice principal and English panel from partner schools.


  1. Over 45% of our students signed up for our second term.
  2. Evaluation: Confidence, improvement of English proficiency and being able to make new friends (average 5.5 out of 6)

– ‘Meaningful and unique experience that enable students to learn English’

– ‘A lot of opportunities to explore compared to limited subjects in school’

– ‘Very fun with kind and helpful teachers encouraging us to speak English’

We would like to highlight the importance of being able to make more new friends as we believe it is crucial for teenagers to have motivated and driven friends who can encourage and support each other. Surrounding by the people that they want to be in the future, i.e. HKU students, also does play a positive role in their way.


Team Members

  1. 50% of our members will stay for the second semester
  2. Evaluation: Witnessed students’ improvement in English and increase in confidence, mean 5 out of 6 for both, and agreed that students’ horizons were broadened, 5.5 out of 6.

– ‘It took me out of my comfort zone, but also helped me to expand it. That’s a luxury very few can offer.’

– ‘In WeLearn, I see the revolution of the kids, and myself.’

– ‘It’s a valuable experience that makes me want to try different things and achieve more with WeLearn in the future.’


To sum up, we reached our targets as providing a platform for all the participants to achieve personal growth. Empowerment on both HKU students and local teenagers were observed by different stakeholders, particularly in the following benchmark; confidence, English proficiency and exposure

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