WeLearn Community

Apart from the 3 cofounders as the steering committee, WeLearn also has an Advisory Council to provide advice.

Head of Teaching and Learning (“HoTL”) as well as Head of Student Affairs (“HoSA”), are there for the operational activities. Together with the steering committee, they prepare training programme to ensure everyone in the team is fit and proper for the challenging 6-week coming ahead. During the programme they are going to oversee their respective function team and to provide sufficient support to the team members.

Academic Fellows (“AFs”) are the ones who conduct the academic lessons. Two to three AFs will be working closely together and teach the same group of students throughout the whole term. AFs will also be leading the students to participate in the special events.

Special Learning Experience Coordinators (“SLECs”) organise and design all the special events. The prime aim is to make the events as fun and educational as possible in order to let the students to apply and practice what they learnt in class.

Last but not least, we could not achieve much without the assistance of our partners and all the volunteers.