Students’ testimonials

I think it’s very meaningful. Very unique experience that students can speak English. Teachers are very good, and are willing to help students. Being in WeLearn is like being a family member, which I will never forget.” – Joey Chan, Form 4 student

WeLearn is a very fun course to join. The teachers are very kind and help you no matter what. They encourage you to speak English, and games are definitely very fun. I really hope more people can join WeLearn so they can improve their English.” – Jordan Tam, Form 4 student

The tutors of WeLearn were very kind and helpful so I love having lessons with them. I learnt various oral and listening skills. Love having WeLearn lessons!” – Elly, form 4 student

We use English when we are communicating compared to our school where we mostly talk in Chinese. The subjects taught in school are very limited but WeLearn has given a lot of opportunities/fields to explore.” – Donald, Form 4 student

Staffers’ testimonials

It took me out of my comfort zone, but also helped me to expand it. That’s a luxury very few can offer.” – Hassan Naveed, Senior Academic Fellow (Term 2), Academic Fellow (Term 1)

In WeLearn, I see the revolution of the kids, and myself.” – Ronald Tse, Management Office Executive (Term 2),  Special Learning Experience Coordinator (Term 1)

It’s a valuable experience that makes me want to try different things and achieve more with WeLearn in the future.” – Tiff Liu, Head of Student Affairs (Term 2), Academic Fellow (Term 1)

Convivial WeLearn-ing allows us to witness life changes and enjoy education engagement.” – Ernest Lee, Head of Student Affairs (term 1)

My experience was very broadening in terms of teaching, organisation, leadership and patience.” – Julia Klocek, Special Learning Experience Coordinator (Term 2)

WeLearn provides me with an environment that ideas are valued and respected.” – Betty Chen, Academic Fellow (Term 2)

One thing that WeLearn did best was making sure that the exchange of knowledge, ideas between the Fellows and students, take place in a very friendly, playful environment and through unconventional methods. ” – Prakhar Raizada, Academic Fellow (Term 2)