Recruitment (deadline on 5 Aug [Sat])

WeLearn is supported by Centre of Development and Resources for Students under Incubation Service


Passionate about Social Innovation?

  • Wanted to Work with the Co-Founders to Develop a Social-Inclusion Program?

Here is the CHANCE! Apply for Semester Programme & X Day

What can we offer:

  • Life-changing experience for both yourself and to the others
  • Start-up and first-hand project management experience
  • Real-life lessons on social and cultural issues in HK
  • intensive training
  • GREAT PEOPLE w/ loaaaaaads of FUN!

Who are we looking for:

  • HKU students
  • VERY proactive self-starter
  • Impassioned in social innovation and inclusion
  • mature personality
  • effective communicator
  • Creative & innovative

Supported by Centre of Development and Resources for Students under Incubation Service, WeLearn is looking for candidates to join us in making the world a better place.

Check out the openings below, join us and be part of this social-innovation initiative!

Semester Programme Team

1. Head of Teaching & Learning (HoTL)


  • Develop, motivate and lead all staff to achieve the highest professional standards
  • Build a collaborative learning culture and actively engage to build effective learning communities
  • Assess the teaching quality and learning environment regularly
  • Review and give valuable feedback on lesson plans
  • Coordinate with the Academic Fellows
  • Undertake other such duties as may be reasonably expected.

2. Head of Student Affairs (HoSA)


  • Promote a culture of encouragement, support and challenge in order to achieve each student’s full potential and the highest possible educational standards
  • Promote creativity, innovation and the use of appropriate new technologies to achieve excellence
  • Oversee activities coordinated by the SLEC’s
  • Connecting and contacting the students

3. Special Learning Experience Coordinators (SLEC)


  • Build effective relationships with students and staff through excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Regularly and effectively communicate the progress of every child’s learning to the Head of Students Affairs
  • Design, Plan, Organise and Run the special events as well as extra-curricular
  • Act as a bridge of communication between students and WeLearn
  • Informally collect students’ feedbacks and ensure wholistic development of the student.

4. Academic Fellows (AF)


  • Lead in the design and implementation of a curriculum, which inspires and engages all pupils
  • Ensure a consistent and continuous focus on pupil assessment and
    achievement, using appropriate data and benchmarks to set, monitor, track and evaluate individual pupil progress
  • Challenge and remedy under-performance
  • Provide nurturing and attentive pastoral care for all pupils
  • Monitor, evaluate and review classroom practice and promote improvement strategies; aim for outstanding standards of learning and teaching at all times

5. Management Office Executives (MOE)


  • Managing day-to-day activities and support the operation
  • Maximise the efficiency in WeLearn
  • Ensure the operational workflow in areas such as, but not limited to, accounting, marketing, HR, IT and administration‎ is smooth and effective

6. Online Learning Material Designers (OLMD)


  • Creating appealing online learning materials for students to learn
  • Ensure students have fruitful learning through our materials
  • Engage and interact with students through social media based on the designed materials (e.g. answer their follow-up questions on materials that we designed)
  • Review and refine our strategies on online learning materials based on feedback from students

 X Day Committee

  • Design and smoothly execute an appealing programme which enable students to experience HKU and deepen their understanding on HKU
  • Promote X Day among local secondary schools
  • Ensure students have compelling experience during X Day

Not sure if you are suitable? Drop us an email or whatsapp (+852 68006684) and we are more than happy to help you out. 

For enquiry: