WeLearn Story

img-20170102-wa0001The Famous Story of 3 Continents, 3 People Getting Together  Because of 1 Idea

late 2015: Ernest had his internship in the Global Banking Division of a bank in Hong Kong, Chung was working as an analyst in Sudan, Pamela had just returned home from the UK. Because of an idea to bringing an innovative education model to underprivileged kids, the three of us promised to meet when we all stay together again

Feb 2016: The three of us met in Hong Kong, wrote up the proposal and started to make our dreams came true

June 2016: Ernest has finished his placement at a bank, Chung has come back from Shanghai and preparing for his placement in Norway, Pamela had received a JD offer. We decided to push forward the pilot anyway, because there would always be a regret if we left an idea unrealized

January 2017: We have finished our pilot term, successfully attracted sponsors and eyeballs. And we are aiming to deploy our model further in Shanghai.

Our four major learning outcomes are confidence, English proficiency, creativity and exposure. Equipping participants with lifelong, transferable skills that they can apply regardless of the paths that they pursue or stages that they will be at is the ultimate goal of our programme.

We are looking for people who are enthusiastic, open-minded and resilient to share their knowledge, passion and aspirations.

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