Originally formed by three HKU students who have the idea of fostering personal development through the medium of English for the next generation. It is supported by the incubation service of the Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS), HKU.

The WeLearn team solution is also made possible because of our advisors, partnering organizations and all volunteers.

Ernest Chow (HKU BBA V: Fin & HRM), Head of WeLearn

“We are always students, never master. You have to keep moving forward.”

His education background (HKCEE, Pre-Abi, IB) enables him to have a better understanding on the pros and cons of different educational systems. Before joining HKU, he interned in Summerbridge HK as a student teacher as well as family head coordinator. The experience of seeing students’ growth a language within 4 weeks inspired him to share his experience and knowledge with younger ones whenever possible. He would love to contribute through sharing his knowledge and experience with his HKU fellows as well as the underprivileged youths in HK. With the inspiration from both programmes, he therefore initiated the programme based on his passion and teaching experience. He would like to build a platform to let more of his fellows to contribute to the society and, at the meantime, to pursue personal growth and development.

Chung Tsz Chung (HKU BSc V: Risk Management & Economics), Head of WeLearn China

“I believe in education because it has changed the way I live”

A highly-qualified undergraduate with successful track records taking part in various statistical research projects, including rural community baseline data analysis (Sudan), water pollution research (Guangzhou), IT budgeting project (Hong Kong) and drug utilization project (Hong Kong). Under the WeLearn program he will be taking part in various statistically-involved tasks such as questionnaire design and analysis.

In 2015 he was the only student from HKU who was awarded a scholarship from the Tallories Network to volunteer in Africa. He was also a member of the Refugee Student Supporting Committee, under which they submitted a proposal and received funding from the United Nation. As a former core member of Novus Life Science (20 of the world’s hottest start-ups of 2014 by CNBC), he has helped developing backup and presentational materials for numerous angel-fund meetings. His extensive experience and network in project financing would be helpful for locating funding opportunity for the WeLearn program.

During his 6-month stay in Kunshan in early 2016, he has secured RMB30k funding from private sponsors for the pilot phase of WeLearn education programme.

Pamela Ho (HKU BA’16, CUHK JD I)

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” – Oscar Wilde

Enthusiasm and experiences in English language creative writing (i.e. poems) have made her understand the obstacles a local student has to get through in learning English, and more importantly, how one’s potentials can be unraveled from  the most uncommon opportunities. She worked as an intern at LegCo in analyzing public policies of Hong Kong, and she was aware of the inadequacies in government support for the public. She aspires to facilitate the underprivileged in making changes in their life and helping them become confident pillars of the future. In WeLearn, she will assist in the logistics of the programme.