Closing Ceremony (in lieu with the last class)

The 6-week intensive fun and interactive all-English class has finally come to an end. We are not expecting to see drastic changes in students’ performance, nonetheless surprises still happen. From students trying to reach out and participate actively in class, to building up confidence and stick to speaking English even to their local classmates!

We believe as long as we build up such a WeLearn environment, students can make use of the platform, the thinking skills learnt in the later chapters of their lives. Our report will be out in late December, detailing specifically and quantitatively the areas of improvements we have achieved over the past few weeks. Stay in touch!

P.S. our second phase recruitment for team members (teaching, administrative and management roles) has begun at the same time!


Kunshan Trip

Although the first term of our program is coming to an end, WeLearn continues to search for opportunities to further improve and expand. Two of our cofounders visited Kunshan last week to look into potential partnership opportunities. During the trip, our cofounders visited Duke Kunshan University (DKU), where they audited classes and interacted and exchanged ideas with students. At DKU, our cofounders had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Andrew Field, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, Dr. Howard Wang, Associate Dean for Student Life, and Ms. Edith Allen, ESL/Academic Writing Instructor. 

Our cofounders were also given the opportunity to visit Canadian International School Kunshan (CISK), where they met with Ms. Marianne Harvey, Principal of CISK, and discussed the prospects of partnership with WeLearn.

Both DKU and CISK have agreed to partner with and support WeLearn in the future. With the ample support of DKU and CISK, WeLearn hopes to expand our program into Kunshan as soon as fall 2017.


Fifth Class

The last class before our closing ceremony next week. Students are horned with basic English conversational and leadership skills throughout the program, and most of them said they had great fun indeed. For the next week (closing ceremony) we are inviting school partners, cooperating organisations and several potential partners to check out our program. It will be a platform for our students to shine, to share and to enjoy!


Fourth Class

This week comes our long-awaited insect and music class! Students are having the chance to observe, get to know  and learn about insects in real life, with special thanks to the Department of Biology at The University of Hong Kong! We are having a parallel music class session also, with students building up their leadership and English conversational competencies through the fun and interactive class structure!

Third Class

Our class is themed with the topic Fasion Show. Students are making use of their creativity to make fashionable outfit out from recyclable materials.

At the same time our mid-term evaluation has begun,  students are having positive comments towards our unique English-immersion program in general, our final report and newsletter will be out in late November, following the WeLearn Education Program closing ceremony.

First Class

Our first class has officially started on 24 September at HKU! 25 elected program participants from 7 different schools will undergo a six-week English-immersion programme. Our members’ hard work has paid off – students even hugged our team members at the end of the 6-hour session! We look forward to seeing the changes in participants’ attitudes and English level after 6 weeks!