First Class

Our first class has officially started on 24 September at HKU! 25 elected program participants from 7 different schools will undergo a six-week English-immersion programme. Our members’ hard work has paid off – students even hugged our team members at the end of the 6-hour session! We look forward to seeing the changes in participants’ attitudes and English level after 6 weeks!

WeLearn Opening

On 17 September marked the opening of our education program. We had vice principal and teachers from our partner school coming. Our opening consists of ice-breaking session, campus tour, WeLearn introduction, goal setting and followed by a rich supper sponsored by our neighbourhood restaurants.

This is the first English-immersion and soft-skill education program in Hong Kong, which emphasis on experimental learning through social-inclusion. We have prepared lots of fun courses and special events in the upcoming 6 weeks for our program participants!

Our Second Team Training

The second team training has been held in early September. We have tested the actual program rundown as well as certain special events.With the funding from our sponsors and university, our team members enjoy a lovely meal together at the campus.

‘English is a powerful language, we want to equip students so that they have the power to change the world’

-John (Head of Teaching and Learning)

Our First Team Training

After the pizza welcoming meet in mid-August, we held our first team training at HKU.

The WeLearn training aims at preparing our team members to better cater for the needs of the program participants, and in creating a fun non-traditional all English learning environment. Training content includes classroom management, goal setting, WeLearn walk-through and more. We have invited qualified field professional, the Dean of Students of SummerBridge Hong Kong, Austin Ng as our guest speaker.

We believe the training is an essential component to prepare our team members professionally and build up a team network within. This is also a committment to our private sponsors in Kunshan and funders at HKU