About WeLearn


1 in every 4 kids in Hong Kong lives under poverty line
Education was meant to be a stepping stone to get rid of poverty in the past
though due to a lack of resources underprivileged kids have huge disadvantages
96% of underprivleged students wish to get into tertiary education
only 63% believe that they can

Instead of believing in the deficit model, which thinks the underperforming children are not as ‘successful’ as the outstanding ones due to their own shortcomings and thus focusing on remediating the ‘problems’, WeLearn focus on appreciating the strengths of disadvantaged students and assist them to build up human capitals and social networks as well as encouraging them to pursue long-term personal development.

Our motto is ‘Students Empower Students’. As a selected project supported by the incubation service and We Are with You Fund (WAY) of HKU Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS),  WeLearn aims to provide a diverse, fun, encouraging experiences for all participants throughout 6 Saturdays in the every semester starting from this fall and takes place within the campus of HKU. Each session consists of classes and extra-curricular activities or special events conducted by HKU students only in English. This coming September will be our pilot term – we are looking for people who are enthusiastic, open-minded and resilient to share their knowledge, passion and aspirations.

We never say it’s gonna be easy but we are saying it will be worth it.
Join us now if you want to make DIFFERENCES!!!

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