About WeLearn

There are 2 problems in the world

  1. We are all gonna die

    • Well, this is something we cannot solve
  2. The traditional education system does not help students to grow

    • We are being spoon-fed to learn a certain sets of skills, which never make learning motivational
    • The deficit education model does not encourage students to learn from mistakes
    • Education is rather one-way and not interactive at all

The WeLearn solution is simple

  1. c+BASE Teaching Model

    • We develop in-house teaching model and train our staff. The class schedule and structure is specifically designed to maximize interaction and the elements of fun. Contact us for a free-trail class!
  2. Underprivileged Students

    • To change the world, we need to take baby steps first. Underprivileged students have a lot of growth potential, because they are the group who lack quality educational resources and do not realize their own power
  3. Execution with professionalism

    • We walk our walk, and talk our talk. Although it is a student-led program, we try to maintain professionalism. We have been awarded most of the fundings on campus, attracted interests from private businessmen and investors – action speaks louder than words.

We never say it’s gonna be easy but we are saying it will be worth it.

Join us now if you want to make DIFFERENCES!!!