About WeLearn

For most of us, nothing is certain except for death and education

  1. We are all gonna die

    • Well, this is something we cannot solve
  2. The traditional education system does not equip us for the society (‘real world’)

    • We are being spoon-fed to learn a certain sets of skills, which are very likely to become obsolete when you come out to the job market
    • The deficit education model does not encourage students to learn through doing and learn from mistakes (no difference from learning how to swim without going into the pool?)
    • Emphasis on exams rather than human capitals, nothing on building the right attitudes, interpersonal skills, confidence and and and……..

The WeLearn solution is simple

  1. CEDAF Teaching Model

    • We develop in-house teaching model and train our staff. The class schedule and structure is specifically designed to maximize interaction and the elements of fun. Contact us for a free-trial class!
  2. ‘Hamburger’ Programme Structure

    A typical WeLearn day is composed of morning assembly, academic classes, lunch time and special events. Academic classes and special events are official learning sections that enable both classroom leaders and outgoing leaders to learn and shine. Meanwhile, morning assembly and lunch are for teachers and students to building more informal personal bonding.

  3. Underprivileged Students

    • To change the world, we need to take baby steps first. Underprivileged students have a lot of growth potential, because they are the group who lack quality educational resources and do not realize their own power
  4. Execution with professionalism

    • We walk the walk. Although it is a student-led program, we strive for being professional. We have been awarded most of the funding on campus, Vice President (Teaching & Learning) of HKU to be our advisor, attracted interests from private businessmen and investors,  – action speaks louder than words.

We never say it’s gonna be easy but we are saying it will be worth it.

Join us now if you want to make DIFFERENCES!!!